You know where you’re going, you know you have to take everything with you, but how? The idea of putting all of your life’s belongings in a few hundred cardboard boxes is stunning. Sometimes it may even feel like there aren’t enough boxes on the planet to fit it all. How on earth are you going to do it? At Harrington Movers, we have the tips you need to be successful when packing up your boxes for the big move!

Instead of stressing about it, let us guide you through this hard time. Moving should be more exciting than it is frazzling. Don’t let the exhaustion, planning, and organization get you down. As long as you follow a few simple guidelines, you will not only survive, but be confident in the safety, locatability, and portability of all of your belongings.

1.  Use pictures to label your boxes.

Most of us are visually-inclined, and sometimes reading a box you marked when you were up packing at 1 AM can be like trying to decipher scrawl from a caveman or cavewoman. We understand the struggle. Instead, snap a picture with your phone or camera and print it right there, slap it on the box, and there you go! When you’re unpacking, you will be grateful that “Kitchen Supplies” is instead an image that shows you EXACTLY what’s in your boxes so you can locate that coffee cup you will definitely need next week.

2.  Pack your boxes with heavier items on the bottom.

We understand you don’t want anything to break; that’s precisely why you need to keep your boxes balanced. If heavier items are placed on the top, it makes the boxes feel wobbly. It also puts pressure on the lighter items on the bottom. So make sure you out bigger, heavier items in first and the lighter, smaller ones on top.

3.  Pack your plates vertically.
Only use heavy duty double wall boxes to pack your breakable. When plates are stacked on top of one another, they are more likely to break than if they are packed vertically. When they are vertical, their weight is not being transmitted to the plate under it, instead they may just sway and brush against each other. If you place bubble wrap or newspaper between them, that will also protect them from breakage. Keep your breakables tightly compact, that way they are less likely to be hurt in transit to your new home.

Hire us for help! Our movers at Harrington Movers want to make your trip to your new home one that is exciting and enjoyable for all involved. You and your family can be thrilled instead of terrified about your piano or safe getting there intact. Contact us today and start packing!