Monmouth County, which sits on the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most fascinating counties on the East Coast.

Located not to far north of Atlantic City, Monmouth County has everything a person needs to live a comfortable, entertaining and exciting lifestyle, including:

The Ocean.

In addition to being very healthy, living by the ocean can also be a lot of fun!

Whether you live here or you are moving to Monmouth County, you might enjoy an afternoon of beach lounging or parasailing or perhaps you can even go horseback riding across the sand – whatever you do, though, you can count on it being exciting and fresh.

With the seasonal changes in weather, you can enjoy waterfront in many different ways to a consistently different backdrop... fishing, anyone?

The Community.

The East Coast is full of glorious historic sites and cities – and Monmouth County is no exception...

Bring the whole family for walks along the age-old sidewalks of some of our most beautiful cities and towns. Don’t forget to stop by the many antique shops, as well.

Atlantic City.

Hop in the care and press the gas heading south for about an hour – maybe an hour and a half – and you’re in one of the most exciting cities in the country: Atlantic City!

If you love fun, gambling, great food and spectacular entertainment, Atlantic City is your kind of town -- and if you’re moving to Monmouth County, you’re about 70 miles away from the festivities at all time!

For more information, call Harrington, the premier Monmouth County moving company. We’ll help you understand the area, give you attractions advice and, of course, provide you with a free consultation and quote if you happen to be moving to this incredible area of the country!