Choosing a new home can be a challenging process, but within Essex County there are many wonderful places to settle in.  Whether you are a young professional commuting into the city, a family looking to settle down in the suburbs or a senior looking for a place to relax without giving up all the comforts of city living, moving to Essex County can offer you the lifestyle you are looking for.

Diversity throughout the county – Essex County is home to a unique population ranging from all cultural, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.  The county gets its flair from the stirring together of all of the different backgrounds that everyone brings to the table.

A town for every one – Essex County’s diversity plays a key role in the equally diverse towns and neighborhoods throughout the county.  No matter what you are looking for in a neighborhood, Essex County will have the neighborhood that calls out to you.

Culture to be found everywhere – Living in one of the oldest counties in the nation gives you the opportunity to find unique pieces of history around every corner.  From its founding in the 1680’s to today, Essex County has everything from pieces of our past to modern art of today to offer.

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