Whether you’ve been a wine collector for years, and have hundreds of vintage bottles in your cellar, or you just have a few bottles you’d like to bring along to your new home, wine moving requires care and precision to be pulled off successfully. Harrington Moving & Storage is an expert provider of wine moving services, and our professionals want to help ensure that your collection gets to your new home safely. Some tips you should follow when moving wine include:

·  Check Insurance and Restrictions

If you have a valuable collection, it’s worth checking to see if your homeowner’s insurance covers wine. Also, be sure the state you’re moving to doesn’t have restrictions against the amount of wine you’re shipping.

·  Place Sideways

When moving or storing wine, make sure to place it on its side so the cork doesn’t dry out. If you have another type of cap besides cork this isn’t a concern.

·  Use a Wine Storage Box

Good storage boxes are either Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard, with separate compartments for each bottle to prevent temperature fluctuations and breakages.

·  Keep the Temp Just Right

It’s important that it isn’t too hot or too cold when moving and storing wine – temperatures between 45-65°F are ideal. Harrington’s climate-controlled trucks will keep your collection in top condition.

·  Wait Before Enjoying

Wait about a week after your wine arrives to let it settle, then open and enjoy!

Don’t delay any longer, and contact the experts at Harrington with all your moving and wine storage requirements. We’re committed to keeping your collection in perfect condition.