Pianos have been an instrument that has been an integral part of most people’s lives dating back to the early 18 century. Through each century, the sound of the piano has brought many different emotions and many joyous memories to individuals all around the world. The sound of the piano is one of the most universal sounds out of any other instrument. However, it is becoming more common that pianos are decreasing in value and more pianos are being brought to places for destruction. According to the New York Times, “Economic and cultural forces have made many used pianos, with the exception of Steinways and few other high-end brands, prone to being jettisoned.”

Jeff Harrington of Harrington Moving and Storage still holds a lot of value to a piano. As part of his daily routine, he spends an hour each morning playing his piano. It’s a way to relax and start the day of on a positive note. His New Jersey moving company, Harrington Moving and Storage is also equipped to handle piano moves. Through the years, many of our customers have requested a piano to be moved from point A to point B. Being so heavy and delicate, you need a moving company who can specialize in making sure your piano is moved safely.

During the holiday season, Harrington Moving and Storage moved a piano to the pediatric ward at Nassau Hospital.  The piano has started a music therapy program for the kids. Even though pianos are expensive to repair and have decreased in value, they still bring a lot of joy to people’s lives. Just like Jeff Harrington and the children at Nassau Hospital, pianos offer a therapeutic aspect to their lives. Instead of destroying pianos, get in contact with Harrington Moving & Storage and we will be happy to move your piano to a donation center.

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