We all know the real estate business is brutal, but imagine being a woman and trying to start a firm in one of the world’s toughest markets 30 years ago! But despite all odds and naysayers, Barbara Corcoran succeeded. In fact, she not only succeeded – by the time she sold her business in 2001, the Corcoran Group was the leader in New York City real estate.

Our New York City movers at Harrington Moving & Storage admire Ms. Corcoran’s entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude even in the face of adversity. We found her story inspirational, and we hope her advice encourages you to follow your own dreams!

Barbara started her exemplary real estate career from the ground-up. She was a waitress who’d worked a variety of jobs in college. When she met her boyfriend, Ray Simone, he gave her a $1000 loan and they decided to go into real estate.

Their business expanded, but in 1978, Ray broke up Corcoran-Simone to marry another woman, telling Barbara that she’d never succeed on her own. She certainly had obstacles to overcome to prove him wrong: she was a woman in a man’s business, and had to fight to get recognition.

Instead of giving up, Barbara stayed positive and encouraged optimism in her firm by treating her employees like family. By the time she sold her business in 2001 to devote her attention exclusively to her family, the Corcoran Group had more listings than all of its competitors. Through innovation, creativity, and optimism, Barbara Corcoran built a $66 million empire from a $1000 loan.

After you navigate the New York City real estate market and find your perfect home, contact Harrington, your top moving company in New York City. We’ll streamline your transition so you can get back to following your dreams!

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