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As a two-time winner of the Circle of Excellence award and an “A+” rated member of the BBB, Harrington does everything it can to give back to its community and the planet! Unlike other New York and New Jersey moving companies, Harrington is a proud, fully-fledged green mover. We have adopted several key initiatives that, over time, will make a tremendous difference. These include:

1. 100% Bio-Diesel

Bio-diesel isn’t just great for your engine – it’s also an incredible alternative to traditional fossil fuels when it comes to keeping the earth clean.  Unlike fossil fuels, which cannot be renewed, bio-fuel is made from perennial crops that don’t even have to be replanted! Combine that with the fact that biodiesel cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 87% and you’ve got yourself a winner!

That’s why Harrington has made it a point to run all of its machinery on bio-diesel.

2. Downloadable Service Forms

At Harrington, we’ve made all of our forms downloadable because paper forms are slower, less organized and, of course, a waste of resources. Our customers are happy use our downloadable service forms or, at the very least, they’re happy to have the option to.

3. Electronic Estimates

In an effort to save even more paper, Harrington also emails customers their estimates.

4. Light bulb & Box Recycling Program

After our customers move out of their current homes, Harrington recycles the light bulbs they leave behind.

After they move into their new homes, we recycle the boxes they used to get there.

Instead of seeing these items get thrown out, we collect them and help make them new again... or give them to people in need. Ask us about our recycling efforts when you call for your free estimate.

5. Biodegradable Trash Bags

Moving stirs up a lot of dust and debris. Naturally, the junk you find has to go somewhere. If you move with Harrington, we’ll provide you with a biodegradable trash bag that won’t stay in the earth years after your transition – guaranteed.

Call Harrington Moving & Storage for more information on our green initiatives. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have about our comprehensive relocation services and solutions!

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