Moving gym equipment can be a large job to handle all by yourself. Our professional New Jersey movers offer a variety of specialized moving services for a simple, stress-free home move. Moving your gym equipment requires knowledge of both the proper and safe methods of moving heavy equipment. You also need to utilize specialized tools to efficiently move large, heavy equipment. A few things our New York movers suggest you watch out for when you are moving are:

Inventory, diagram and take pictures.  This will ensure that all machines and equipment is properly reassembled for safe use.

Secure all moving/ loose parts.  Any part that moves can be a hazard during moving if it is not properly secured.

Label. Properly label each box of parts and each machine.  This will ensure that the proper parts are matched up with the proper machine post-move.

Use a rampA ramp can greatly decrease the stress on your body when moving large, heavy machinery.

Break it down.  Move each piece one at a time, so that parts don’t accidentally get mixed up. This ensures that you move every single part and your machines won’t be improperly assembled.