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You have been making plans, it is time for a change, and you want to change your environment. There are several options s, but you have some requirements.  You heard of Short Hills, and you are curious. Does it fit your needs?

Before deciding to move and establish yourself in a place, there are certain things to consider. If you are a parent,  you will be looking for a town with good schools, security, good children and youth-oriented activities, low vice rate, good Churches and Synagogues , proximity to the city, should you need to visit,  the transit system, and a host of other things such as the Magnificent Short Hills Mall.

If you are considering moving to short hills, there are few things you should know about this town.

The Proximity

Short Hills is in New Jersey; it is located in Millburn Township, Essex County. Short Hills is located in such a way that it is a commuter town, residents work in New York City and live in Short Hills Town.

Short Hills has been described as the wealthiest towns in the United States as about 70% of its residents earn above $150,000 per year.

With a population of about 13,000 persons, Short hill is a great town to live in if you want an easy commute to New York and still to want to live in a lavish suburb in New Jersey. With large beautiful Trees as far as the eye can see.

Short Hills is an affluent town with the average listing for real estate somewhere around $1.7 million. The city has a high percentage of high earners with an average earning of about $150,000 - $200,000 per year.

Location of Public Schools

Public schools in short hills are located within the Millburn Township area and have high rankings.  These schools cater to students from kindergarten level to grade 5. Ranked among the top 11 schools, Deerfield, Hartshorn School and Glenwood School are the top three public schools available for residents in Short Hills.

There are also some private schools in the town among which are Montessori school, student after/school daycare, Christ Church Nursery school, ABC nursery school for Wee Folks, Temple Bnai Jeshurun Early Child Care Centre and the Montessori children academy. Some of these schools cater to kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten, but the Montessori Children Academy provides to pre-kindergarten up to eighth grade.

Best Mall in New Jersey

Short Hills has one of the best malls in the whole of New Jersey, and it is famous for this particular reason. The mall is noted for its variety of stores unusually high-end stores from notable brands and its ample parking space area. There are also restaurants located within the mall

Greenwood Gardens

Short hills has quite a number of attractions, the mall being one of them. The Greenwood Gardens is a stately home with gardens that are open to the public at certain hours. The garden is big and beautifully designed. The staff of this place strive to give visitors a memorable experience. Nature lovers will find a treasure in the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird sanctuary.  This is a beautiful place to visit as a family, and it will provide a fun education for the children.  There is also the old short hills park and the Gero Park where you can swim, play baseball and golf. The paper mill playhouse, a regional theatre is located in short hills.

County Club

The Short Hill Country Club is opened to families. This is one place where both children and adults can wind down and have fun. It is an excellent place for some family time.  The programs available at the short hills country club are designed to increase the bonds among family. Some of the activities are year-round with some special events thrown into the mix. They have a fully-Stocked game room, Swimming and tennis area and lessons, regalia Boat Races, children's golf lessons among others.

Transport Systems

The transportation options available in short hills include trains, bus, personal car, water way and air. Residents of short hill can access New York through any of these means. When going by train, residents can use any of the two New Jersey transit lines, the Morristown line and the Gladstone branch line.

The Morristown line provides direct service to Penn station, while Gladstone branch allows service to Hoboken from which there is a transfer to Penn station. The Lakeland bus line provides service for residents from short hills and Millburn to New York. Residents can use the New York waterway or the Newark liberty international airport which is about 125 miles from short hills.

Job Opportunity

Short hills been an affluent town have a number of job opportunities. Some require specialized skills, others don't.

Worship Centers

There are churches available for worship within the city including a Catholic church. There are also other place of religious worship in the town.

Remarkable Events

Short Hills has a historical event which is known as the battle of short hills. This was part of the American revolutionary war.

Medical Services

There is a surgery Center with some of the best specialists where residents can get top quality medical care

These are some of the facts however Short Hills NJ is a placed that is worth a drive around to see.  

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