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Moving to Rumson NJ? 🌳 | Here’s Why You’ll Love Living in Rumson New Jersey!

Rumson, NJ, is a small borough that was incorporated on June 18th, 1907. The name Rumson dates back to when Europeans bought the land from Lenape Native Americans after shortening it from the original name Navarumsunk. The area of Rumson is nicknamed Oceanic, Black Point, and Port Washington. Rumson, NJ, is best known for being home to the Lauriston Mansion, which is now part of the National Register of Historic Places. Moving to and living in Rumson is a great choice because of the low crime rate and family-friendly community.

Where is Rumson?

As a Borough in New Jersey, Rumson is part of Monmouth County and part of the New York Metropolitan Area. Rumson is a waterfront community that overlooks the Shrewsbury and Navesink rivers. Some cities surrounding Rumson are Sea Bright, Long Branch, Little Silver, and Shrewsbury.

The closest big city to Rumson is New York, NY; it’s 50 miles from Rumson to New York. While there isn't any public transportation in Rumson, plenty of buses, trains, and subways are nearby. And while no interstates or highways go through Rumson, there is a historical road County Route 520 (also known as Rumson Road).

Rumson Population & Demographics

The population of Rumson is 7,292, and the population density is 1,439.1 people per square mile. Since 2010, there has been an increase of 170 residents in Rumson, NJ.

When it comes to notable people, a few of the most popular are Jon Bon Jovi, Randy Foye, and Heather Locklear.

Rumson demographics:

  • 93% White, 3% Hispanic, 2% Asian, 2% Biracial
  • Gender breakdown: 48% female and 52% male
  • 4.3% foreign-born population
  • Median household income: $239,188, which is higher than the state median household income of $89,703
  • Median age: 43 years old
  • Educational attainment: 99.2% of the residents graduated from high school, and 76.8% have received their Bachelor’s degree

The total crime rate is 734 per 100k people, which is 68.7% lower than the national average. The violent crime rate is 0 per 100k people, which is 100% lower than the national average. And the property crime rate is 734 per 100k people, which is 62.5% lower than the national average. Rumson, NJ, is a VERY safe and family-friendly community.

The Rumson Police Department has 21 employees (16 sworn officers) that work hard to serve this New Jersey borough.

Cost of Living in Rumson

With the cost of living in Rumson being 139.4% higher than the national average, Rumson, NJ, is an affluent and expensive place to settle down and call home. While the cost of living might seem high, the median household income of $239,188 is much higher than the state average, so it helps to balance everything out. The Economic Policy Institute recommends that a family of four make $103,893 per year to live comfortably.

The living expenses below are based on Long Branch, NJ, which is only 7 miles away.

Typical Rumson Living Expenses

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: $13.00
  • Imported Beer (12 ounce bottle): $5.50
  • Milk (regular, 1 gallon): $4.74
  • Cappuccino (regular size): $3.50
  • Bread (1 loaf): $1.00
  • Oranges (1 pound): $2.00
  • Apples (1 pound): $0.59
  • Beef Round (1 pound): $2.89
  • Cinema (1 seat): $12.00
  • Average Rumson utilities per month: $442

Source: Numbeo

The median sale price for a home in Rumson, NJ, is $1,913,488. The price per square foot is $454, and plenty of beautiful Rumson NJ homes for sale. Currently, there are only single-family homes for sale in Rumson, but there are a few condos that could be put up for sale, so keep your eye out if you’re interested.

Currently, the average rent near Rumson, NJ, is $2,579, according to RentCafe. While there are limited options available for apartments in Rumson, there are plenty of great apartment options near Rumson, NJ!

Rumson Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Rumson

Rumson is a small borough in New Jersey, so it doesn't have designated neighborhoods as a big city does. Rumson, as a whole, is known for being a family-friendly community that has areas with waterfront properties, a low crime rate (making it a VERY safe place to raise kids), and is close to larger areas like Sea Bright, Red Bank, and Long Branch.

Rumson Weather & Climate

The climate in Rumson, NJ, is a humid subtropical climate (Cfa). In the spring and summer months, the climate is warm, wet, and often humid, and the temperature ranges from the upper-50s to the low-80s. During the fall and winter months, the climate is cold, windy, and filled with snow, and the temperature ranges from the low-40s to the mid-50s.

On average, Rumson receives 39.7 inches of rain and 13 inches of snowfall per year. Some of the natural disasters that can take place in New Jersey are hurricanes, flooding, winter storms, and heat waves. The best time to visit Rumson, NJ, is between June and September.

Things to Do in Rumson

While there aren't any shopping malls in Rumson, NJ, plenty of shopping plazas are nearby. Some of the most popular ones include Consumer Centre and Ursula Plaza in Long Branch, and The Grove in Shrewsbury. When it comes to individual stores in Rumson, make sure to check out Bain's Outdoor Living, Rumson Wine and Spirits, and Le Papillon. Here are some of the top things to do in and near Rumson, NJ!

Rumson Country Club

Since 1908, Rumson Country Club has been a staple for the Jersey Shore. A private New Jersey club that is known for being a family-friendly place, it offers everything from tennis, slip marina, swimming, skeet shooting, croquet, an 18-hole golf course, and more! There is a dress code, and everyone must follow it when being on the property. After you plan a game of golf or spend the day relaxing by the pool, enjoy a nice meal in their Riverhouse Dining area.

163 Rumson Rd, Rumson, NJ 07760 (732) 842-3333

Victory Park

Victory Park is a waterfront park with a playground, tennis courts, a bocce court, a beautiful beach area, and a basketball court, making this a family-friendly spot that's perfect for all ages.

1 Lafayette St, Rumson, NJ 07760 (732) 842-3300

Sea Bright Beach

Sea Bright Beach is a family-favorite spot in New Jersey. Sea Bright Beach is surrounded by plenty of restaurants and has a playground for kids and a walking path. There is a section of the beach with a sign that says "private club members only," which is designated for people who are part of the beach clubs in that area, so you won't be able to access that part of the beach. Sea Bright Beach is a close drive from Rumson and is a perfect place to hang out during the summer.

Sea Bright, NJ 07760 (732) 747-1524

Additional places to visit near Rumson

There are seven parks that the Rumson Parks and Recreation manages. To attend a local event for Rumson, make sure to check out their event calendar.

Rumson Restaurants

Food is a staple to communities like Rumson and helps people feel connected. Here are some of the best restaurants in Rumson, NJ!

Salt Creek Grille

Salt Creek Grille is known for always using the freshest ingredients and for its dishes to have a signature grilled flavor. Since 1996, Salt Creek Grill has been an upscale American restaurant that provides a relaxed environment. Their menu items go best with delicious wines that they get from "boutique vineyards."

4 Bingham Ave, Rumson, NJ 07760 (732) 933-9272


When you walk into Undici, you'll get met with a Tuscan farmhouse design, delicious food that's made with only fresh ingredients, and hand-crafted cocktails or wine.

11 W River Rd, Rumson, NJ 07760 (732) 842-3880

Val’s Tavern

Val's Tavern is known for being a landmark restaurant along the Jersey Shore. It offers craft cocktails, plenty of beers on tap, and delicious food ranging from pizzas to burgers and much more! And if you enjoy live music, Val's Tavern offers live performances every Friday and Saturday.

123 E River Rd, Rumson, NJ 07760 (732) 842-3452

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Jobs in Rumson

Some of the top employers in and near Rumson, NJ, are the Borough of Rumson, BrightStar HealthCare, and Coldwell Banker. While Rumson is a small New Jersey Borough, the top industries are finance, real estate, and science.

According to Payscale, the average salary in Rumson, NJ, is $53,000, and the average hourly rate is $19.65 an hour.

If you plan on moving to Rumson without a job in place, Indeed shows 90,000+ jobs available within a 25-mile radius. You can also search for available government job opportunities in Rumson.

Rumson Schools

Rumson, NJ, is part of the Rumson School District. Deane-Porter Elementary School, Forrestdale School, and Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School are some of the schools that are part of the district.

If you're interested in attending college, some of the colleges and universities near Rumson are Brookdale Community College, Ocean County College, Monmouth University, and Rowan College Of South Jersey.

The local library in Rumson is the Oceanic Free Library.

Rumson Statistics & Information

  • Rumson County: Monmouth
  • Rumson Area: 5.1 square miles
  • Rumson Zip Code: 07760
  • Rumson Area Code: (732)
  • Rumson Elevation: 36 feet above sea level
  • Rumson Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • The Closest Airport: The closest airport to Rumson is the John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK), which is 64 miles away

Map of Rumson, NJ

Explore more amenities, shops, restaurants, and places with this map of Rumson, NJ!

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