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What Living in Mountain Lakes NJ Is Like 🚞 | Is Moving to Mountain Lakes a Good Idea?

Mountain Lakes is a historic and affluent borough in north-central New Jersey. The wonderfully historic borough of Mountain Lakes is best known for its outstanding school system, beautiful scenery, and the Grimes Homestead, an 18th-century home that accommodated migrants of the Underground Railroad. In addition to the area’s welcoming and nostalgic American feel, Mountain Lakes NJ is home to stunning beaches and lakes, social clubs and organizations, and outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking. The family-friendly townhome community of Mountain Lakes further gives close proximity to a variety of fun shops, tasty restaurants, and classic NYC entertainment.

Originally a planned community, Mountain Lakes was founded by Herbert Hapgood in 1910 and was later incorporated as a borough in 1924. Today, Mountain Lakes stands as a quaint and mainly residential borough with a strong sense of community. From the low crime to the highly valued education, Mountain Lakes is ideal for those seeking a tight-knit, picturesque lake community with a convenient location and celebrated history.

Where Is Mountain Lakes NJ Located?

Situated in Morris County, the borough of Mountain Lakes is a suburb of New York City and is located in the New York metropolitan area. Mountain Lakes is nestled between the Piedmont region’s rolling hills and the Highlands of New Jersey. The distance from Mountain Lakes NJ to NYC is roughly 30 miles southeast. The same goes for Mountain Lakes to Jersey City.

Mountain Lakes is bordered by Denville to the west and Boonton to the north. There are several beautiful natural and man-made lakes scattered throughout Mountain Lakes– this includes Birchwood Lake, Cove Lake, Sunset Lake, Crystal Lake, Shadow Lake, Wildwood Lake, and Mountain Lake. Regarding public transportation, Mountain Lakes is served by the New Jersey Department of Transportation for train service at the Mountain Lakes station. Likewise, Lakeland Bus Lines provides the community’s bus service, which is situated along U.S. Route 46– the main highway passing through Mountain Lakes.

Mountain Lakes NJ Population & Demographics

The upscale borough of Mountain Lakes has a population of just 4,472 distributed over 2.283 miles at a population density of 2,049 per square mile. The population has increased by 7.5% in the last decade. The median age in Mountain Lakes is 44.5, whereas 16% of residents are foreign-born. 97.5% of the Mountain Lakes population have earned a high school diploma or higher, and 81.6% have attained a bachelor's degree or higher. As one of the state's highest-income communities, the Mountain Lakes NJ median household income is $250,001, which is a staggering $160,298 above the state median.

Several notable people have lived in Mountain Lakes, including fashion designer Liz Claiborne, entrepreneur Marc Lore, and author Matt Taibbi.

The racial demographics in Mountain Lakes are slightly diverse, with Whites making up 81% of the population. Asians make up 15%, and Hispanics are at 4%. The gender makeup in Mountain Lakes is 52% male and 48% female.

How safe is Mountain Lakes NJ? According to the FBI, the Mountain Lakes crime rate is 1,042 per 100k population. This is 23.0% lower than the state and 55.6% lower than the country. Both property crime and violent crime are between 10%-100% lower than the state, which indicates that Mountain Lakes NJ is a very safe place to live and raise a family.

The Borough of Mountain Lakes Police Department serves the community with its 13 sworn officers.

Cost of Living in Mountain Lakes, NJ

Is Mountain Lakes NJ rich? Mountain Lakes is one of the state's highest-income communities and even held the 210th most expensive ZIP codes in America in 2010. The cost of living index for Mountain Lakes is around 180, or 80% higher than the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Morris County should be making approximately $115,974 to live comfortably. The income tax in Mountain Lakes sits at 5.5%, while the sales tax is 6.6%. Despite the higher cost of living, the lakeside views alone make living in Mountain Lakes well worth it.

Interested in Mountain Lakes NJ real estate? You can find several gorgeous Mountain Lakes NJ homes for sale. According to Redfin, Mountain Lakes has a median home price of $1,030,950. If searching for Mountain Lakes NJ apartments is on your to-do list, keep in mind that there aren’t many available rental units in this area, as only 7% of housing in Mountain Lakes is renter occupied.

Mountain Lakes NJ typical living expenses

Below is a list of Payscale’s typical living expenses in Mountain Lakes NJ:

  • Average Mountain Lakes utilities per month: $199.10
  • Doctor’s visit: $116.29
  • Gallon of gas: $3.81
  • Gallon of milk: $2.54
  • One dozen eggs: $2.36

Mountain Lakes NJ Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes is home to several safe, green, and beautiful areas to settle down in. Being only 2.3 miles² in size, the pristine borough of Mountain Lakes is somewhat of a neighborhood in and of itself. Between friendly neighbors and frequent town events, it’s easy to meet people, get involved, and feel like you're a part of the community.

The majority of bungalows, cottages, estates, single-family, and custom-built homes in Mountain Lakes boast craftsmanship and landscape design influenced by American Arts and Crafts. There are also many Victorian, Colonial, and Tudor-era homes spread throughout the community.

The southwest parts of the Mountain Lakes tend to be the most desirable. Here, you’ll find a series of beautiful man-made lakes with waterfront properties, delicious restaurants, the Mountain Lakes Club, and The Mansion at Mountain Lakes – an upscale banquet hall. On the flip side, the northern half of the community is where you’ll find the most parks, outdoor sports opportunities, and public schools. Whichever end of the borough you end up in, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the area’s physical charm, historical preservation, and distinctive architecture.

Mountain Lakes NJ Weather & Climate

Curious about Mountain Lakes NJ weather? Mountain Lakes experiences a humid continental climate where the winters are cold and snowy with lows of 20°F, and the summers are warm and humid with highs of 85°F. This is perfect weather for residents to go sailing, fishing, playing tennis, or riding bikes to school. You’ll need a snow shovel throughout the 31 inches of annual snowfall, and an umbrella is necessary during the 51 inches of annual rainfall in Mountain Lakes. The borough has 207 sunny days a year, whereas the best months to visit Mountain Lakes are in June, August, and September.

Things to Do in Mountain Lakes, NJ

Mountain Lakes, NJ is home to several fun things to do in and around its borders. This includes some of the state’s best hiking trails as well as Mountain Lake NJ fishing, swimming, walking, soccer, softball, and even tennis groups for adults. For travelers, you’ll also find several nearby Mountain Lakes NJ hotels, Morris Hills Shopping Center, and Waterview Marketplace – the closest shopping center to Mountain Lakes. Here are a few of the best things to do in Mountain Lakes:

Tourne Park

Shared with the neighboring township of Denville, Tourne Park is a great place to take the family in Mountain Lakes. It features stunning wildflower trails and over 550 acres of outdoor recreation, including swimming, fishing, skating, boating, hiking, mountain biking, and more!

89 Norris Rd, Denville, NJ 07834, (973) 316-0749

Birchwood Lake

This picturesque lake is the ideal spot for relaxing and escaping everyday life. Here, you’ll find a lovely natural lake surrounded by peaceful trails for hiking and biking.

49 W Shore Rd, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

Alden Haswell Field & Playground

If you need a place to wear out the little one, this is the place to go! The park, playground, and picnic tables here are peaceful, clean, and well-maintained.

121 Midvale Rd, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

Additional attractions in Mountain Lakes NJ

The parks and recreational facilities in Mountain Lakes are served by the Borough of Mountain Lakes Recreation Department. You can keep up with Mountain Lakes news via the community’s official website.

Mountain Lakes NJ Restaurants

Living in Mountain Lakes will provide you with everything from American to Italian fare. Check out a few of the best restaurants in Mountain Lakes NJ:

Paul's Family Diner

Top-rated local American restaurant with everything from organic salads to tasty chicken souvlaki.

320 US-46, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046, (973) 627-4436

Barka Mediterranean Seafood & Steak

Delicious Mediterranean cuisine serving seafood dishes in an upscale setting.

60 US-46, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046, (973) 917-3386

The Station at Mountain Lakes

Delicious American-Italian restaurant situated in an old train station.

99 Midvale Rd, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046, (973) 335-5330

Jobs in Mountain Lakes NJ

Mountain Lakes is expected to experience a 23.5% job growth over the next decade, which is 10% lower than the U.S. average. According to Payscale, the average base salary in Mountain Lakes is $83,000, while the average hourly rate is $20.28. A few of the most popular job positions in Mountain Lakes include accountants, certified medical assistants, and finance assistants, whereas a few of the most major employers include Bright Horizons, Deluxe Corporation, and Weichert. If you are interested in Mountain Lakes jobs, try searching online for jobs in and around Mountain Lakes New Jersey.

Mountain Lakes NJ Schools

The borough of Mountain Lakes is served by the Mountain Lakes School District with 1348 students, 4 public schools, and a student-teacher ratio of 9.2:1. Mountain Lakes maintains an excellent reputation for the schools and is one of the most highly educated municipalities in New Jersey. In fact, the Mountain Lakes High School ranked as the 7th best high school in the state in New Jersey Monthly magazine.

If you need to study quietly or find a new book, the Mountain Lakes Public Library is open six days a week.

Mountain Lakes NJ Statistics & Information

  • County: Morris County
  • Mountain Lakes area: 2.183 mi²
  • Mountain Lakes NJ zip code: 07046, 07054
  • Mountain Lakes area codes: 973, 862
  • Mountain Lakes elevation: 489’
  • Mountain Lakes time zone: Eastern Time Zone (ET)
  • Closest airport to Mountain Lakes NJ: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) – 29 miles southeast of Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes NJ Map

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