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Living in Maplewood NJ Guide ๐ŸŒž | What to Know Before Moving to Maplewood

Are you considering moving to Maplewood NJ? Situated in the heart of Essex County, Maplewood is a good place to live and is known for its tree-lined streets, top-rated schools, and fabulous stores and restaurants. The township truly has something for everyone, making living in Maplewood NJ a great choice for people of all ages and families of all sizes. From housing options to recreational activities, educational opportunities, and more, letโ€™s explore what awaits you in Maplewood.

Where Is Maplewood?

Where is Maplewood NJ? Maplewood is in Essex County and is an inner-ring suburban bedroom community of New York City within the New York metropolitan area. Maplewood is bordered by West Orange and South Orange to the north, Newark and Irvington to the east, Union to the south, and Millburn to the west.

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When living in Maplewood NJ, you will enjoy a dense suburban feel, with easy access to nearby towns and cities. It is only 8.9 miles from Maplewood NJ to Newark NJ and 20 miles from Maplewood NJ to New York NY. This quick access to big city services and amenities makes the township a great place to live for singles and families looking to enjoy a laid-back style of living while still benefiting from everything the city has to offer.

After moving to Maplewood New Jersey, you can easily escape the busy downtown area to check out some beautiful nearby nature. The township is bordered by the South Mountain Reservation, which is a 2,000-acre public park with a zoo, sports, arena, hiking trails, and more.

Families living in Maplewood NJ are served by the NJ Transit system, which provides a passenger rail and bus service to residents in the area. The rail and bus service can take you directly into Newark or New York City.

Maplewood NJ Population & Demographics

The Maplewood New Jersey population is 25,684, which is a 7.6% increase over the past decade. When living in Maplewood NJ, you will be a part of a very diverse population, with a racial and ethnic composition of 54.3% White (51.9% non-Hispanic), 33.5% Black or African American, 5.1% two or more races, 3.0% Asian, and 0.7% American Indian. Additionally, 21% of residents living in Maplewood NJ are foreign-born.

Many residents living in Maplewood New Jersey are very affluent, with a median household income of $165,681. This is much higher than the New Jersey average of $97,126 and the Essex County average of $73,785.

Additional Maplewood NJ Demographics:

  • Sex ratio: 51.4% male, 48.6% female
  • Median age: 39.2
  • Educational attainment: 95.5% high school degree (or higher), 68.2% bachelor's degree (or higher)
  • Notable people from Maplewood: Author Harriet Adams, tennis player Juliette Atkinson, actor Zach Braff

Is the community of Maplewood New Jersey safe? Before moving to Maplewood, you will want to consider whether or not the town is safe for you and your family. Let's take a look at the crime rate in Maplewood New Jersey.

  • Overall crime rate: 1,398 crimes per 100,000 people (3.2% higher than state average and 40.4% lower than national average)
  • Violent crime rate: 55 crimes per 100,000 people (71.9% lower than state average and 85.8% lower than national average)
  • Property crime rate: 1,343 crimes per 100,000 people (16.0% higher than state average and 31.4% lower than national average)

As you can see, most of the crime in Maplewood ranks lower than both the state and national averages. Most of the crime you will encounter when living in Maplewood NJ is property crime, which is not typically a threat to your safety. As such, Maplewood is a safe place to live. After moving to Maplewood, you will be protected by the Maplewood Police Department, which has 63 officers on the force. 

Maplewood Cost of Living

is on the higher end. The Cost of Living Index in Maplewood is 135, making it 35% more expensive than the national average of 100 and 15.2% higher than the New Jersey average of 119.8. Although the town is on the expensive end, many families choose the community as a more affordable alternative to New York City. Maplewood is 37.5% more affordable than New York City, which has a Cost of Living Index of 172.5.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Maplewood NJ would need to earn $106,139 per year to live comfortably in the community.

Typical Maplewood Living Expenses

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $20.00
  • Gallon of milk: $5.02
  • Pound of apples: $2.32
  • Bottle of wine: $15.90
  • Gallon of gas: $3.83
  • Average Maplewood utilities per month: $166.09

Source: Numbeo*

*These numbers are for Newark, New Jersey, but you can expect similar numbers when living in Maplewood NJ.

One of the biggest expenses you will encounter when living in the town is when purchasing Maplewood real estate. According to Redfin, the median home price in Maplewood is $875,000, which is up 11.1% compared to last year. These house prices are over double the U.S. average of $412,000. When searching for houses for sale in Maplewood, New Jersey, you'll find mostly single-family houses along spacious tree-lined streets.

If you are looking to rent Maplewood NJ real estate, then there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Thanks to Maplewood's dense suburban feel, there is. great mix of both houses and apartments in the town. Some of the best apartment living options in the community include Maplewood Crossing Elite Properties and Eagle Rock Apartments at Maplewood. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Maplewood is $2,336.

Maplewood Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Maplewood

When moving to Maplewood, it is important to choose the perfect neighborhood for your family. Because Maplewood is such a small community, there are not too many neighborhoods with firm boundaries, however, certain parts of the town offer different services and amenities.

The downtown area is popular among young professionals, students, and visitors alike, and is home to several small shops and businesses. Downtown Maplewood, also known as "The Village," offers a bustling, walkable environment that is enjoyable all year round. Also, if you decide to live in this area, you will be close to Maplewood Station, which provides you with easy access to New York City as well as the surrounding towns of South Orange and West Orange.

If you are looking for a quieter environment to raise a family in, then check out the northwestern part of the town. This area borders South Mountain Reservation and is home to several peaceful parks. In this area, you'll find some of the township's best public schools, large homes, and plenty of green space for your children to play in.

Maplewood NJ Weather & Climate

When living in Maplewood NJ, you will enjoy a hot-summer humid continental climate. This means that after moving to Maplewood NJ, you will experience four distinct seasons. The weather in Maplewood NJ is all over the place, with cold and snowy winters and hot and humid summers.

You'll certainly want to pack your snow shovel when moving to Maplewood NJ, as the average annual snowfall in the community is 25 inches. Additionally, the average annual rainfall in Maplewood is 50 inches. In the summer, you can soak up the sun as the average daily high temperature is above 76ยบF.

Things to Do in Maplewood NJ

Aren't sure what to do in Maplewood NJ? Fortunately, the town is a popular spot for visitors, so there is always something going on in the community. You can get your grocery shopping done at places like Extra Supermarket and Green Way Markets of Maplewood. For incredible retail shopping, head over to the nearby Union Crescent Plaza or the Valley Mall Plaza Outlet. These are a few more of the best things to do in Maplewood NJ.

Maplewood Community Pool

Head over to the Maplewood Community Center to check out the Maplewood Community Pool. This public pool offers water slides, swim lessons, and party rentals during the warm summer months.

187 Boyden Ave, Maplewood, NJ 07040, 973-761-6330

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is easily one of the best parks for families living in Maplewood NJ to enjoy. This grassy park features sports fields, tennis courts, a playground, and plenty of picnic tables for you to enjoy a nice lunch in the sun.

580 Valley St, Maplewood, NJ 07040, 973-763-4202

Essex County Turtle Back Zoo

The Essex County Turtle Back Zoo is just a short drive away in West Orange and is one of the best attractions in town. The zoo is open all year round and offers annual memberships.

560 Northfield Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052, 973-731-5800

Additional Maplewood Attractions

To find more things to do in Maplewood, check out the Maplewood Recreation Division, which runs several parks in the area.

Maplewood Restaurants

After moving to Maplewood NJ, you'll find no shortage of incredible places to eat. These are just a few of the best restaurants in Maplewood NJ.

Cornbread Maplewood

Cornbread Maplewood is one of the most popular Maplewood NJ restaurants and serves up Southern comfort dishes in a casual setting.

1565 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, NJ 07040, 973-313-0328


Visiting ARTIE'S is a must when living in Maplewood NJ. This hip eatery has some of the best wood-fired pizza in all of New Jersey.

15 Newark Way, Maplewood, NJ 07040, 973-378-5800

Restaurant Lorena's

Head over to restaurant Lorena's for classic French food in an intimate, fancy setting.

160 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood, NJ 07040, 973-763-4460

Maplewood Jobs

After moving to Maplewood NJ, you'll have several job opportunities available to you. Many people living in Maplewood NJ choose to commute to Newark or New York City for work, but there are also many jobs in Maplewood NJ for you to choose from. Some of the top employers in the area include the South Orange-Maplewood School District, Saber Interactive, and Worldwide Orphans.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary in Maplewood is $48,306 per year. If you are searching for Maplewood NJ jobs, then check out the township job board or search for 'jobs in Maplewood NJ' on Indeed.

Maplewood Schools

Students living in Maplewood NJ will receive their education from the South Orange-Maplewood School District. This Maplewood school district has one high school (Columbia High School), two middle schools (Maplewood Middle School and South Orange Middle School), seven elementary schools, and four preschools. Columbia High School is one of the best public schools in the state, with 68% of students participating in AP classes.

In addition to the township's public schools, there are several private schools in Maplewood NJ to consider. Some nearby private schools include Our Lady of Sorrows School, Maplewood Outside School, and The Goddard School of Maplewood.

Maplewood Statistics & Information

  • County: Essex
  • Maplewood area: 3.88 square miles
  • Maplewood zip code: 07040
  • Maplewood area code: 973
  • Maplewood elevation: 115 feet
  • Maplewood time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST), UTC-5:00
  • Closest airport to Maplewood: Newark (EWR) Airport, 5.8 miles away

Map of Maplewood NJ

It is no secret that living in Maplewood NJ is a great choice. If you need help planning your move to the area, then give Harrington Moving & Storage a call at 973-313-2246. Our reliable Maplewood movers will get you settled into your new home in no time!

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