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Is Living in Glen Ridge NJ for You? 🍁🏡 | Complete Moving to Glen Ridge Guide

Glen Ridge is a wonderfully peaceful and affluent township in northern New Jersey. Situated in the heart of New Jersey's Gateway Region, the safe and close-knit residential borough of Glen Ridge NJ is known for its charming old mansions and some of the last remaining street gas lights. Glen Ridge NJ is further home to amazing schools, access to nature, friendly residents, and close proximity to NYC. Consisting of mostly farms and woodlands, the area encompassing Glen Ridge was known as New Ark prior to 1872. Since then, Glen Ridge has stood as a quaint suburban residential community that continues to preserve its historical charm and small-town ambiance. From the family-friendly neighborhoods to the convenient location, Glen Ridge NJ proves to be an excellent place to live and raise a family.

Where is Glen Ridge located?

Located in Essex County, the township of Glen Ridge is a suburb of New York City and is situated in the Newark-Union, NJ-PA Metropolitan Division. Glen Ridge is nestled in northern New Jersey near the mouth of the Passaic River. The distance from Glen Ridge NJ to NYC is roughly 20 miles northwest.

A few of Glen Ridge’s nearby communities include Upper Montclair to the north and Bloomfield to the east. Glen Ridge NJ is home to a walkable, bikeable, and even runnable community thanks to its well-maintained sidewalks and trails. If you need to take a bus, Glen Ridge NJ is served by NJ Transit and DeCamp Bus Lines, whereas Glen Ridge Station is the train station in this township.

Glen Ridge Population & Demographics

The upscale township of Glen Ridge has a population of just 7,802 distributed over 1.28 miles at a population density of 6,119 per square mile. In the last decade, the population has increased by 3.5%. The median age in Glen Ridge is 39., whereas 8.9% of residents are foreign-born. 99.3% of the Glen Ridge population has earned a high school diploma or higher, and 82.6% have attained a bachelor's degree or higher. The Glen Ridge median household income is $243,899, which is a staggering $154,196 above the state median.

Glen Ridge has been called home by numerous notable individuals– two of which being Buzz Aldrin, the second person to step foot on the moon, and actor Tom Cruise.

The racial demographics in Glen Ridge are mildly diverse, with whites making up 78.1% of the population. Hispanics make up 9.2%, Asians at 6.2%, and Blacks at 2.7%. The gender makeup in Glen Ridge is 54.3% female and 45.7% male.

How safe is Glen Ridge, NJ? According to the FBI, the Glen Ridge crime rate is just 790 per 100k population. This is 41.7% lower than the state and 66.3% lower than the country. Both the property crime and violent crime are over 40% lower than the state, which indicates that Glen Ridge NJ is an exceptionally safe place to live and raise a family.

The city is served by the Glen Ridge Police Department, with its 23 sworn officers

Cost of Living in Glen Ridge, NJ

Is Glen Ridge a wealthy area? When it comes to the cost of living, Glen Ridge is on the more affluent side of things. The cost of living index for Glen Ridge is around 154, or 54% higher than the U.S. average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in and around Glen Ridge should be making around $99,110 to live the most comfortably. The income tax in Glen Ridge sits at 5.5%, while the sales tax is 6.63%.

Interested in the Glen Ridge NJ real estate? There are numerous new and historical Glen Ridge NJ homes for sale. According to Redfin, Glen Ridge has a median home price of $694,500. If you’re curious about Glen Ridge NJ apartments for rent, Rentcafe states that the average monthly rent in Glen Ridge, NJ is $1,958 for a 736-square-foot apartment.

Glen Ridge typical living expenses

Here’s a list of Payscale’s typical living expenses in Glen Ridge, New Jersey:

  • Average Glen Ridge utilities per month: $199.10
  • Doctor’s visit: $116.29
  • Gallon of gas: $3.81
  • Gallon of milk: $2.54
  • One dozen eggs: $2.36

Glen Ridge Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Glen Ridge

Glen Ridge has several family-friendly areas to settle in -- many of which boast pre-World War II architecture, including Victorian and Edwardian mansions. In addition to its lovely historical architecture, Glen Ridge is home to some of the last remaining street gas lights still in use throughout the United States. The tree-lined streets of Glen Ridge give off an old-fashioned yet pristine and sophisticated ambiance.

On top of having low crime and good schools, your neighbors here are likely to be well-educated, wealthy, and professionals in their occupations. The northern side of Glen Ridge provides you with close access to a nature preserve, sports facilities, and the Glen Ridge Country Country Club. On the flip side, Glen Ridge’s southern side is encompassed by a series of parks and restaurants.

Glen Ridge NJ Weather & Climate

Glen Ridge experiences a temperate climate with all four seasons. The winters are cold with lows of 20ºF whereas the summers are hot and humid with highs of 86ºF. You’ll need some winter gloves throughout the 25 inches of annual snowfall, and a raincoat is necessary during the 50 inches of annual rainfall in Glen Ridge. On the bright side, there are 208 sunny days in Glen Ridge, which is slightly above the U.S. average. The best months to visit Glen Ridge NJ are in June, August, and September.

Things to Do in Glen Ridge, NJ

Despite being only a mile long, Glen Ridge is home to a few fun places to go within its borders. Additionally, there are many amenities to check out just outside of this township, such as Bury The Hatchet Bloomfield recreation center, Clarks Pond Nature Preserve, and Brookdale Park– equipped with a dog park, playground, and an athletic complex. The nearest highly-rated shopping center to Glen Ridge is Essex Green Shopping Center. Let’s take a look at the best things to do within Glen Ridge:

Hurrell Field

Hurrell Field is perfect for Glen Ridge family activities. This well-maintained sports field in Glen Ridge is excellent for playing baseball, football, or just enjoying a pleasant afternoon job with friends.

Belleville Ave, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028, (973) 748-2924

Freeman Gardens

If you’re looking for a nice place to stroll around peacefully, unwind, and enjoy the beautiful flowers, this garden park is a must!

644 Hawthorne Ave, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Carteret Park

This laid-back park features the perfect areas for baseball, lacrosse, soccer, swings, and other activities for kids. It even has a hockey rink! Whether you’re looking to walk your furry friend or play sports with the family, this park in Glen Ridge is the place to go!

126 Carteret St, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028, (973) 748-2924

Additional attractions in Glen Ridge NJ

The parks and recreational facilities in Glen Ridge are served by the Glen Ridge Recreation Department. You can also keep up with Glen Ridge events via the city’s official website.

Glen Ridge Restaurants

Check out a few of the best restaurants in and around Glen Ridge, NJ.

Fitzgerald's 1928

Upscale & family-style tavern with an eclectic menu.

13 Herman St, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028, (973) 748-4702

Stage 5 Restaurant & Grill

Classy yet casual grill with a tasty selection of American fare.

71 Pine St, Montclair, NJ 07042, (973) 707-2577

Nevada Diner Restaurant

Top-rated diner with a large menu of classic American favorites.

293 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003, (973) 743-9393

Jobs in Glen Ridge NJ

Glen Ridge is expected to experience a 20% increase in job growth over the next decade, which is 12.6% lower than the U.S. average. The average base salary in Glen Ridge is $87,000, while the average hourly rate is $20.25. A few of the most popular job positions in Glen Ridge include registered nurses and administrative assistants, whereas one of the most popular employers is Mountainside Hospital. If you are interested in Glen Ridge jobs, try searching the web for jobs in and around Glen Ridge New Jersey. You can also check out Glen Ridge employment opportunities.

Glen Ridge Schools

The township of Glen Ridge is served by Glen Ridge Public Schools with over 1,899 students and a student-teacher ratio of 12:8:1. Among Glen Ridge’s four public schools, the Glen Ridge High School is the most notable as it ranks in the top 12 public high schools in the state.

In case you need a new book or quiet studying time, the Glen Ridge Public Library is open six days a week.

Glen Ridge Statistics & Information

  • County: Essex County
  • Glen Ridge area:1.28 mi²
  • Glen Ridge zip code: 07028
  • Glen Ridge area code: 973
  • Glen Ridge Elevation: 197’
  • Glen Ridge Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Closest Airport to Glen Ridge: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) – 14 miles south of Glen Ridge

Glen Ridge NJ Map

Explore more nearby restaurants, amenities, and things to do with this map of Glen Ridge NJ:

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