Moving to Chatham NJ: 10 things you need to know.

Life is understandably best enjoyed by surround oneself with the right set of people with the right mindset in a right environment. This is the more reason why individuals and family strive to coexist with people of like minds and cheerful outlook. Little wonder kids perform optimally in all their activities when they are a product of a peaceful home and a friendly atmosphere.

In search of this perfectly placed community, parents and guardians have to move from one place to another. Moving is not the problem, having no prior understanding and knowledge of the next destination is the big mess. The visibility and understanding of this need has given birth to this article.

Chatham NJ is a serene, safe, friendly, and recreational location for the family (especially the kids). Just as there are handful of job opportunities for the parents as well. Moving to this amazing world without exhausting the content of this write up might reduce your love and your exploring prowess of Chatham .

Without much ado, these are things to know before reaching the exclusive decision of moving:


If it's historical, you will find it here. If it's inventive, you will feel it here. If yours is artistic, you will see it right here. Oh, probably you are interested in all the mix, Chatham is endowed with all the gems of history, art, and invention. It is home to lots of beautiful landmarks, but to keep the adventure alive, we would be pointing out few of those.

Thomas Edison National Historical park is a place of science and history that will sweep you off your feet (both as a science nerd or a fun loving kid). Feltville Historic District is another of such places that will either stimulates your love for history or expand your historical adventures. Ford’s mansion, Liberty Hall museum, and Fort Nonsense are beautiful places to visit with the kids as well.


With a population of very little above 9,000 and a land mass of 2.4 square mile, there are substantial industries and job opportunities. With jobs spanning from legal, banking and finance, insurance, and management. There opportunity is quite handful.


Having public school that rates high in a state is a good plus to moving to Chatham NJ. The academic prowess of their student is almost second to none in the state, and this is evident in their rating amongst other public schools in the state. Schools such as chatham high school, southern boulevard, and Lafayette avenue school are some of the  public schools that comes to mind.

St Patrick School  is one of the prestigious private schools in the neighborhood. Its top three universities include Fairleigh Dickinson university college, Drew university, and college of St. Elizabeth.


Another positives for both the kids and the entire family is the peaceful coexistence of the diverse population. The predominant tribe are the white, then the Hispanic, and the Asian. There is presence of other tribes as well, importantly over 90% of the populace are citizens of the United States.

This is quite cool in the sense it allows understanding of other people’s culture by living peaceful amidst them.


Security of lives and properties is essential when choosing a city or suburb to dwell in. Chatham boast of a very low security threat: either car theft, burglary, or murder. The suburb is one of the safest place to live.


The neighborhood is a beautiful sight - trees along the street for sheds and beautiful green lawns around. Kings road, Hillside avenue,and Fairmount are very few of the beautiful neighborhood in Chatham. This is the second most important reasons why people move this place (the first is the school performance).


Just like every other good suburbs, there is good road and railroad network. Linking Chatham to other prominent part of the city. The neighborhood is also pedestrian-friendly, hence most of the areas are trekable.


The distance from New York city is 20 mile and quite a little distance from Summit. And a train to manhattan (which will take approximately 55 minutes), these makes it accessible to other part of the city.


Delicacies ranging from American, Italian, Seafood, Spanish, and mediterranean. There is something to go round the table in this beautiful County of Morris. Restaurant Serenade, D’oro Ristorante, and Gregorio’s are some of the right restaurants to visit.

Soccer clubs

Check out Centercourt Football Club, if soccer is your thing and want your children to have a true football club experience, look no further. Fantastic coaches, great practice facilities.

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