How to Organize a Toy Drive Better with a Professional Mover

Holidays usually inspire charitable works. If you're looking for ways to give, consider a toy drive and using us as your professional mover to make your drive easier and more productive. We'll give you some important tips on how to organize a food drive to help you get started.

How to Organize a Toy Drive

Why are Toy drives important?

In order to run a successful toy drive, you first need to have a firm grasp of why you're doing it.

Toy drives help local charities meet their demand for bringing Happiness to children. Hospitals, and other charities may not have enough toys for everyone they intend to help.

Ensure a toy drive is the best way to help your community this season

Contact local charities and Hospitals. Tell them you are thinking of holding a toy drive and ask if that is what they need. If they say they do, then move on to the next steps in organizing your toy drive. If not, look for other charities who do need toys or you can plan to help with whatever they do need, money, clothing, volunteering, etc.

Harrington Movers was lucky enough to be contacted by Mark Nulman of The Nulman Team  Realty Group of Keller Williams, they are pictured above - Mark & Rita Nulman, with their daughter and grandson Jessica and  Jonathan Reznik. All we had to do was just pick up and deliver the toys to Saint Josephs Hospital. What a great way to spend our day!

Choose a location that is already popular

Don't make people come to your toy drive. Take it to them.Harrington Movers can drop off large toy boxes to market centers, grocery stores, gyms, libraries, schools, and offices.


Advertise your toy  drive through word of mouth, social media, and literal advertisements. If you want to collect a lot of toys, make sure as many people as possible know about your drive.

Think big

One reason to choose a professional mover is because of the large vehicle. Your desire to help will quite likely exceed the capacity of your car. A large moving truck can hold much more toys.

A moving truck is more noticeable than your personal vehicle, automatically gaining you more attention. People walking through a parking lot will instantly look at the moving truck and wonder what is going on.

Psychology comes into play as well. When onlookers see such a large vehicle picking up toys, they will be more inspired to give and to give more. 

Make it easy

Harrington Movers also recommends having a theme. If someone walks into the grocery store with the desire to give to the toy drive, but they don't know what to buy, their doubt may talk them out of it. It is much easier and quicker for potential givers to hear a call for certain toys and and what isle they can be found in. 

Make it exciting

Collect enough information from the charity you are collecting for to be able to advertise and speak to people in knowledgeable terms about why this food drive matters. This way it isn't just a vague, nice idea about giving toys, but inspires investment in the cause.

Contests and games also make toy drives fun. You might include a raffle for a lucky giver or a prize for the group who collects more toys.

Why choose Harrington Moving and Storage?

We work at Harrington Movers and we love to give a helping hand. We have a great reputation in the communities we serve, proving to you our quality and potentially giving your toy drive a little added oomph. Also, we don't just offer strict plans for users to work around, we customize our services to meet your needs, giving you flexibility to think only about your toy drive.

If you're looking into how to organize a toy drive this holiday season, consider making us a part of your plan.

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