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Living in Hoboken vs Jersey City 🆚 | Pros & Cons of Jersey City vs Hoboken

Are you torn between living in Jersey City versus Hoboken? Jersey City is known for its numerous historical landmarks and points of interest; it's home to Liberty Island National Park, Ellis Island Immigration Station, and the Statue of Liberty. Jersey City has two mottos: "Let Jersey Prosper" and "Jersey City, Make It Yours." The city is large and unique, and different than living in Hoboken.

Hoboken, or “The Mile Square City,” it’s known for its exquisite food options, numerous breweries, the skyline view of Manhattan, and the infamous Hoboken nightlife. While these two cities are close (and share similarities), they are still different and have various advantages and drawbacks. Wondering “How do you choose between Hoboken vs. Jersey City?” Here's a great look at how these two beautiful North Jersey cities compare!

Pros and Cons of Living in Hoboken Vs. Jersey City

Wondering if living in Jersey City suits you or if moving to Hoboken will be better?

Hoboken is located in Hudson County; as the east side of the city faces the Hudson River. Hoboken, NJ, is called “Mile Square City,” as the city is only 1.97 square miles big.

While Hoboken isn’t the biggest city, that’s not to say it’s lacking in the attractive attributes department.

Living in Hoboken Pros

Is living in Hoboken the right choice? Take a look at the biggest benefits and disadvantages!

Great Nightlife in Hoboken

The median age in Hoboken, NJ, is 32 years old, hence its reputation for having a great nightlife. There are numerous famous Hoboken bars like Del Frisco's Grille and bumping clubs like the Mad Hatter Hoboken.

Hoboken's Beautiful Scenery

One of the best things about living in Hoboken is its picturesque views. Thanks to its proximity to NYC’s beautiful skyline, many Hoboken apartments have top-notch scenery.

Prosperous Hoboken Economy

Hoboken is in the prime location to have a prosperous economy and diverse workforce. While the industries aren’t as prominent in Hoboken as in Jersey City, they’re still lucrative; plus, its proximity to major cities such as NYC makes for a commuter's dream location.

Convenient Location

If you’re looking for a less than 30-minute commute to NYC, Hoboken is only 4.4 miles from NYC and takes an average of 22 minutes. Hoboken is in proximity to other larger cities, which makes it an ideal location – you’ll never run out of things to do/new places to see.

Tons of Things to Do in Hoboken

There are so many things to do in Hoboken;  its vibrant nightlife, great restaurants, and numerous bars are just a few options. Take a walk down the Hudson Waterfront Parkway or enjoy a picnic at Pier C Park. If you run out of things to do in the small 1.97 square miles of the city, you can always commute less than 5 miles to the heart of NYC. The vibrant Hoboken downtown nightlife and other pros make Hoboken a nice area to live.

Living in Hoboken Cons

While Hoboken is a good place to live, it also has a few drawbacks.

High Cost Of Living in Hoboken

Hoboken is famous for being a small city with a lot to offer; however, the lack of area results in a competitive housing market and high living costs. The cost of living in Hoboken, New Jersey, is 63% higher than the national average, with a median sale price of $838,000 and an average rent of $4,060 per month.

Crime Rate Higher Than State Average (But Still Very Low!)

Hoboken has a crime rate of 1,588 per 100,000 people, which is 17.3% higher than the state average; however, it is 32.3% lower than the national average.

Hoboken's Education System 

While there are high-rated schools in Hoboken, according to U.S.News, there are only a few to choose from. Joseph F Brandt Elementary School and Thomas G. Connors Elementary School are the #1 and #2 schools in the Hoboken School District.

Living in Jersey City Pros

Jersey City has loads of attractive attributes. It’s known for various historical landmarks and its two mottos, "Let Jersey Prosper" and "Jersey City, Make It Yours”.

Affordable Housing in Jersey City

Jersey City is a more affordable place to live than Hoboken, especially if you’re looking for an alternative to NYC’s costly rental options. there are many affordable places to live in Jersey City near NYC. The median home price in Jersey City is $712,150, compared to Hoboken's $838,000. The average rent in Jersey City is $2,175 per month. Learn more about buying a house in Jersey City with our complete guide!

Lower Cost of Living in Jersey City vs Hoboken

Jersey City has a COLI that is 29% higher than the national average but is still 40% lower than the COLI in Hoboken. Housing in Hoboken is 210% higher than the national average, whereas Jersey City’s is only 79% higher than the national average.

Jersey City's Convenient Location 

Jersey City is conveniently located off the Hudson River, 3.9 miles from NYC. Considering Jersey has more affordable living than Hoboken and NYC, Jersey City is a commuter's dream location.

Great Education in Jersey City

Jersey City has a better education system than Hoboken. The student-to-teacher ratio in Jersey City is 13:1, compared to Hoboken's 14:1. Jersey City has a higher college enrollment than the state average. 27% of Jersey City residents have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Jersey City is a good place to live – it’s even considered one of the best suburbs of NJ close to NYC.

Living in Jersey City Cons

Before moving to Jersey City, there are a few things to consider; here’s our run-down of the cons of living in Jersey City.

Jersey City's Traffic

Jersey City’s high population doesn’t go unnoticed, as this city is notorious for having backup streets and hundreds of traffic collisions a day. While its proximity to NYC is one of its great attributes, it also causes unwanted traffic.

High Taxes

While most New Jersey cities will have high taxes, Jersey City is still lower than the state's average. The state's average tax rate is 2.442%, compared to Jersey City’s  2.341%; however, the national average is 1.080%. Even though Jersey City has higher tax rates than the national average, the rates are still lower than most New Jersey cities. Jersey City is one of the best places to live in New Jersey to avoid high taxes.

Higher Crime Rate in Jersey City Versus Hoboken

The Jersey City crime rate is 43.3% higher than the state but 17.3% lower than the country. While Hoboken has a better crime rate than Jersey City, Jersey City is still safer compared to most U.S. cities.

Jersey City has hundreds of dedicated police officers patrolling the streets.

Cost Of Living In Hoboken Vs. Jersey City

  • Housing Market: The housing market in Jersey City is 131% lower in comparison to Hoboken
  • Rent Prices: The average rent in Jersey City is $2,175 per month compared to the average rent in Hoboken, which is $4,060.
  • Restaurant Prices: The average meal at a restaurant is $1 cheaper in Jersey City than in Hoboken
  • Groceries Prices: Groceries prices in Hoboken and Jersey City are the same, 5% higher than the national average

Typical living expenses in Hoboken, NJ:

  • 1 gallon of milk: $2.53
  • 1 loaf of bread: $4.04
  • 1 dozen eggs: $2.34
  • Bunch of bananas: $3.50

Typical living expenses in Jersey City:

  • Bunch of bananas: $3.50
  • 1 gallon of milk: $2.53
  • 1 loaf of bread: $4.04
  • 1 dozon eggs: $2.34

The median household income in Hoboken is $160,890, compared to Jersey City’s median household income of $81,958. While it's more expensive to live in Hoboken than in Jersey City, the average salary is higher.

Additional Considerations Between Hoboken vs. Jersey City


The population of Hoboken is 53,283, with a population density of 47,487.2, compared to the population of Jersey City, 283,943. Jersey City has a population density of 19,258.8. By area, Hoboken is a mere 1.97 mi²; hence its nickname, “Mile Square City.” Jersey City has an impressive area of 21.03 square miles.

Jersey City is geographically much larger than Hoboken and is the 2nd most populous city in New Jersey. 

Crime Rate in Hoboken vs. Jersey City

According to the FBI, Hoboken experiences less crime than Jersey City; Jersey City has a higher crime rate per 100,000 people by 352, and Hoboken still has a crime rate that is 17.3% higher than the state average. However, it’s also 32.3% lower than the national average. While some parts of New Jersey are safer, Hoboken is still safer than 67.7% of U.S. cities and Jersey City.

Hoboken to Jersey City Distance

How many miles from Jersey City to Hoboken? Hoboken to Jersey City is 2 miles.

Hoboken vs. Jersey City Where Are You Moving?

Overall, Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ, are good places to live. While both have a few cons, the list of highlights overpowers the challenges. If you’re looking for a hip, urban, yet more affordable place to live, Jersey City is likely the place for you. In contrast, if you’d like to enjoy the exciting nightlife, proximity to NYC, and overall young, hip vibe Hoboken may be your best bet.

Regardless of your decision, Harrington Movers can help during your relocation to Jersey City or Hoboken, whether it's 2 miles down the road or 100 miles away. Call our Hoboken movers today at 201-653-1808 for a moving estimate.

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