Glen Rock a Special Place for Family to Move to

Glen Rock is located in Bergen County, New Jersey. With a population of about 11,601, this small town offers the feeling of community living.

Glen Rock was formed on September 14 1894 and  is located about 22 miles west of New York City, making it easy to get to the city when you so desire while enjoying the benefits of small town living.

The town is popular for its excellent school system with one of its schools, Academy of Our Lady, a Roman Catholic school that caters from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, has been recognized by the United States Department of education as part of the blue ribbon school program. This recognition was given based on the academic excellence and standard that the school operates by.

When considering moving to Glen Rock, here are ten quick things to allow you to make an informed decision.

Glen Rock while a small town on its own has a train that can access Manhattan, New York with just a transfer. This is an advantage and citizens do not have to feel cut off from the city. Preferably they can easily access the city and still enjoy the beauty of a small community.

Excellent Education System

Glen Rock has an excellent education system for all grades. The public schools in Glen Rock cater to students up to twelfth grade. Schools there are Clara E. Coleman School, Richard E. Byrd School, Alexander Hamilton Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Glen Rock Middle School and Glen Rock High School. The high school underwent a renovation that allowed them to have an active science and art program. Public school students from Glen Rock are free to benefit from the secondary school programs offered by the Bergen county technical schools. Some of these programs are provided at the Bergen County Academy and the Bergen Tech campus.

Youth and Children Oriented

Glen Rock is youth and children oriented as there a numerous activities geared towards the younger generation that are available through the school, if they have interests in sports or arts. Other avenues for them include the community service opened to them which is available through the town.

Older Community

The adults are not left behind in the activities as they have series of events to engage the older community.  There are activities available for adults with interests in sports or arts. There is an avenue for them to partake in community service. If you are looking for a town where you can practice your faith, Glen Rock has a large number of Faith-based communities within the city.

Family Fun Fair

There is a sense of unity promoted by the community activities that are held annually. They have the Family Fun Fair which is held every June. The Fall Street Fair, the Independence Association’s annual parade; American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Glen Rock, the Memorial parade food drives and blood drives hosted by Women in Community Service. An annual September 11 tribute (they lost 11 persons in the attack), 5K runs hosted by the Jaycees. All of these activities help to keep the town lively, busy and fosters a sense of unity. The food and blood drives send the message that the people of Glen Rock hold the care for one another vigorously.

Thielke Arboretum

There are some places of interests in Glen Rock. There are several parks and recreational fields in Glen Rock with the famous Thielke Arboretum. The Thielke Arboretum is renowned for its breathtaking gazebo and water fountain. Boasting Nature trails, a spring fed pond, gorgeous birds. This serene wetland forest will sooth the spirit on the busiest of days.

Beautiful spring

Glen Rock is connected with nature as its streets are lined with trees and it has a beautiful look when it is spring or fall.

Transport System

The public transportation for Glen Rock has train service. There are two New Jersey transit stations located in the town. There is the Glen Rock mainline station which is on a mainline and is located at Rock road and Main Street, the second train station in the Glen Rock - Boro hall station which is on the Bergen county line located at Harding Plaza.  These two positions provide service to Hoboken terminal, from where there are transfers to Penn station in Manhattan.

The town has roads and highways and is served by route 28. The New Jersey bus transits provides transportation to and from the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan.

Business Hub

Glen Rock is a thriving town with several businesses. The chamber of commerce in Glen Rock is dedicated to helping local business thrive and can help inform you on events when planning a move to Glen Rock NJ.

Special Annual Events

For someone who seeks a place to raise their kids with a broad sense of community and still want the benefits of the city life, Glen Rock is the right choice. The education system of the town ensures that your kids are receiving a quality education. The annual events held through the year will teach them about the history; give and unity.

Sport Activities

Sports activities and art activities allow the kids to thrive and the adults to relax. The calming pace of the town allows for more family time with several churches that help to build your faith.

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