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4 Ways to Enjoy Spring in Maplewood

After a hard winter, nothing is quite as wonderful as spring. The snow begins to melt and the air becomes warmer. It’s a wonderful time to be running around and enjoying the weather. Near Newark, NJ lies the small town of Maplewood. Like any town, Maplewood comes alive again in spring. Maplewood...

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Bergen County Events To Combat Cabin Fever

This winter has been brutal to the east coast…and it’s not over yet. While staying inside might be tempting, it can lead to a serious case of cabin fever. What is there to do in winter time though? Well, we’re glad you asked. Bergen County moving company, Harrington Moving and Storage, has compi...

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What Empty Nesters Want Right Now!

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to mature and have children “leave the nest,” their housing needs are evolving as well. Typically, Boomers are now beginning to look for homes with less maintenance, the option for single-level living and a desirable location in active adult or “walkable” comm...

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