10 Things to Know Before Moving To Weehawken New Jersey

A beautiful world is an encompassing of beautiful places, beautiful people, and beautiful artifacts! Historical events and modern occurrence are things that make up the conceptual gems of such place. Considering moving to Weehawken demands some up-to-date background check-ups as regards this township in the United States.

Understanding the fact different towns and city have different landmarks and qualities that you might want to check out before taking that decision. Weehawken is one of such towns; from the security alertness to the economic prowess, from the job opportunities to the transportation means available, from recreational centers to beautiful restaurants. All these and many other factors are to be discussed extensively so that you have all the information you need before you take the leap.

So, keep calm and go through these:


The panoramic view is arguably the most famous attraction.

But there are still other very important landmarks in the town which are either historical, eventful, commercial or better still recreational.

One of such is the water tower located on Park Avenue (which was built centuries back). http://www.weehawken-nj.us/parks.html

King’s bluff has the most expensive homes which have eclectic array architectural styles. Boulevard East is home to the Hamilton park while Park Avenue is the home of commercial thoroughfare of the city.

The 9/11 memorial, Hamilton memorial, and Weehawken dueling ground are all very important historical spot for both tourist and inhabitant of the city. Weehawken Public library is a member of Bergen county cooperative library system. It is a building to behold after it was renovated and developed in 1999 and can now boast of having a collection of approximately 43,000 volumes and circulates over 40,000 items annually.


The public school system is capable of administering education from pre-kindergarten up to the twelfth grade, with prominent schools such as Daniel Webster school, Theodore Roosevelt school, and Weehawken high school.


This part of the nation is widely regarded as a residential town, but nevertheless, it has a business district in the Lincoln Harbor. Corporations such as Swatch Group USA, UBS, Hartz mountain, and Telx still maintain an office in the neighborhood.

With a population of a little over 14,000 people from diverse ethnic and tribe, it is classified as a small town. White collar jobs are the most predominant with roughly 90% of the workforce having a white-collar job. Artist, designer, and people working in the media present in Weehawken than most part of the nation, this is visible in how the town is shaped.

Over 53% of adults in Weehawken has a graduate degree, which means if you do as well, you will feel at home amidst the populace. Worthy of note is the per capita income of about $50,000, the unemployment rate of 4.8%, and recent job growth amounting to 2.03%. Your educational and per capita goal will play a vital role if you really want to move here!


Most of the neighborhood is dense and hence, pedestrian-friendly. The use of a private car to work is guaranteed to waste your time, hence you will be advised on picking any of the transit system available in the town. Weehawken Public Transportation

There is the availability of bus, ferry, and light train for commuting populace around the town and most importantly outside the walls of the town.

Most people working outside the town make use of the bus transit to get to their workplace as fast and comfortable as possible.


If you are a lover of varieties when it comes to restaurants, then Weehawken should  feature on your list. Check out the Chart House In Weekhawkin for River Front Dining and an incredible in your face view of Manhattan. Just across the street you will find Ruth Chris. Greek Mediterranean over on Pershing Road in Weehawkin NJ. For another great view of NYC and some good Mexican food check out Charrito's over on 974 Blvd East.  There is one notable hotel in the Lincoln Harbor (Sheraton hotel).


There are quite some handful of churches in and around Weehawken. The historical and cultural adornments of the town are evident in the diverse church available in the town. Churches such as More Joy Ministry, Park United Methodist Church, and St Lawrence Catholic church are few of the churches in and around the town. That shows that regardless of your religious upbringing is, there is a church for you.


The population is that of diverse tribe and ethnicity. It has one of the highest ratios of the Asian and Hispanic tribe. The dominant language is English, though Spanish and Chinese are also extensively used as a means for communicating within the hemisphere of the town.

You will be quite comfortable and communicate pretty well if you have a good grasp of any of the languages cited above.


From the funky street of Boulevard east to the busy movement along Park Avenue, and the business transaction holding at the Lincoln district. The neighborhood is really peaceful and accommodating for both kids and adult. Make sure you check out.


If soccer is your kids’ thing, then they are good to go in Weehawken. From various soccer teams and to the Weehawken soccer team, the chances are good for their soccer skills development.

The list is originally meant to give you the best of insight as regards Weehawken, and we hope it helps you in your quest of moving to the city full of artistic and historical artifacts.

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