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Specialized Moving

The day has finally arrived for you to pack up and go. But you have come to realize that your moving company has not done anything to prepare your grand piano for transport. Is this the type of thing you would be worried about? Harrington Moving and Storage has you covered where other groups fall sh...

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3 Tips For Hiring Movers

How are you going to get all of your belongings from point A to point B? If you need someone to lend a hand, consider hiring a moving company. But, before you do, we have a few tips. 1. Which moving company is the right one for you? No two are the same -- whether they’re both local moving compa...

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3 Tips on How to Prepare Your Moving Boxes

You know where you’re going, you know you have to take everything with you, but how? The idea of putting all of your life’s belongings in a few hundred cardboard boxes is stunning. Sometimes it may even feel like there aren’t enough boxes on the planet to fit it all. How on earth are you going to do...

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